Who We Are

We are a 501C3 non-profit corporation. CCS is eligible for public funding and private donations.

By agreement among its members, CCS operates only within the confines of the Forest Park neighborhood, defined by the Mill River on the north edge, the old rail line just east of  Allen, Daviston, and Dorset streets at the eastern edge and by the Longmeadow line along the southerly edge.

Areas of Activity:

Community Gardens

Farmer’s Market

Housing Renovation

Decorative StreetLights

Tree Belt Landscaping

Graffiti Remediation

Neighborhood  Improvement Grants

Tree Belt Tree Planting and Maintenance

Blight Remediation – Housing Code Enforcement

Longhill Entry Garden Design, Installation and Maintenance

Forest Park Heights and Forest Park Neighborhood Entry Signs Maintenance

Landlord Training (subsequently taken over by HAP Housing)

Community Fairs



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